Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions about the Theoi

1. Let’s start with what everyone wants to know – what the heck does The Theoi mean?

The Theoi refers to the Gods and Goddesses of Mount Olympus. These are the most recognizable Gods of Greek Mythology

2. Do I have to compete in all three events?

Absolutely not, pick anyone one or twoa events that suit your liking and come on out and enjoy the events and atmosphere.

However, you must complete the triathlon, vertical challenge and the long course gravel ride to be eligible for the overall championship prizes.

3. Are there age group awards?

Yes, the winner of each age group (5 year increments beginning at 15) will receive and award. Overall awards will be given to the top 5 finishers, male and female, in each event.

4. How many overall awards are given for the combined Theoi events?

The top three point scorers, male and female will receive overall awards.

5. Where should we stay?

See the lodging options page – the resort has a lot of options from total luxury to camping and everything in between.

Gravel Ride

1. Both distances are self supporting. Be prepared to change your own flat, fix your own chain etc – no outside help is allowed
2. There will be roving bike tech support on course, again this are to support your own efforts. You are not allowed to have your own support vehicle on this course at anytime.
3. There will be aid stations approximately every 25 miles stocked with water, energy drink and snacks.

The Triathlon

1. The Triathlon will be governed by USA Triathlons rules for Gravel Triathlons.
2. Gravel bikes and Mountain bikes are suitable for this event.
3. Absolutely no aerobars of any kinds are allowed – NONE, ZERO, NADA
4. The water will be cold - ~62 degrees – wetsuits are mandatory
5. The run is almost entirely single track trail wide enough for easy passing
6. The transition area will open for bike drop off on Friday the 17th beginning at 4 pm until 8 pm. Then re-open Saturday morning at 7 am. See the event page for full details on the event.

Vertical Gravel Time Trial

1. Gravel Bikes and Mountain Bikes are suitable and allowed
2. This will be a time trial start, please self seed based on your honest perceived ability.

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